A Next Level Self-Serve Micro-Influencer Marketing Platform

Search and match relevant influencers, take full control and manage micro-influencer campaigns for your brands or clients.

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Audience Targeting

Discover micro-influencers by their audience’s interests and increase your ROI by getting more relevant influencers to your brand and client.
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Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Track your campaigns in real-time and monitor post campaign performances all in a single dashboard.
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Read our latest Malaysia Influencers Top Brand Survey Report

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Flexible Budget

Set your own budget and activate your own campaigns with relevant influencers and enjoy transparency in payment.
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Brand Safe

All registered influencers will need to abide by KOMACI rules and regulations, we will ensure influencers deliver their best practices to you.
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If you would like a more customised campaign or a larger scale project, our local customer support team will assist you.

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